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Ogilvie Dogs Training Centre is a purpose-built 20m x 54m indoor dog training venue nestled into the Lincolnshire countryside.

The dog training centre is well equipped to host trainers from all disciplines including heelwork (with or without music), obedience, flyball, seminars and workshops along with aglity. Complete with a full set of competition grade Galican equipment, sound system and ample toys and car parking, there’s no better place to train dogs than right here.

The centre is also available to hire for personal training in any discipline. The Juta astroturf is ideal for Crufts and Discover Dogs training preparation, and is the same surface used in the FCI Agility World Championships.

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Ogilvie Dogs training centre is open 7 days a week from 7am-10pm and is a premier UK training venue used by the best trainers in all disciplines to host courses, workshops and seminars.

Craig Ogilvie is an internationally renowned dog trainer who works with dog trainers to improve their businesses and dog owners to overcome problematic behaviours.


Marita is an international championship agility handler who has represented Team GB on numerous occasions. Marita offers her knowledge to students around the world through dedicated online coaching, online courses and in-person workshops.

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